Clan changes 26/10 - 01/11 (Updated: 29/10)

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Clan changes 26/10 - 01/11 (Updated: 29/10)

Post by BL00DHOUND187 on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:49 am

Clan overhaul this week guys all updates will be listed below here.


- Clan Forums updated to look brighter and more organised
- Chatbox added to the forums to improve communication
- Steam Group created and can be accessed from this link =
- Dark_Warsmith brought in as Executive officer and permissions added.
- Calender dates have been added for skirmishes and people doing them has also been added.
- Permissions first pass attempted.
- Clan Liaison Position removed from Forums.
- Clan ally position removed from Forums.


- Updated Rank system for clan. More branched for those who wish to have a more progressive clan ranking system
- Vetted more clans for a possible combination of available players
- Teamspeak plan created for rooms/ organisation
- Teamspeak permissions plan created


- Teamspeak Permissions completed. If you dont have teamspeak permissions then you wont be able to JOIN channels or SEE members of those channels now. This is important as we move into recruiting via teamspeak.

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