Hey Im BL00DH0UND187

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Hey Im BL00DH0UND187

Post by BL00DHOUND187 on Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:41 pm

Hey there, My Names "Martin" Some people call me "Blood". I am the clan commander of I-N-Q and enjoy playing a range of games including world of tanks, World of warships and many more outside the wargaming franchise.

World of tanks facts (about me)

Favourite tanks Top 3 - 113, Jagdtiger, Obj 263

Favourite map - Windstorm

Favourite Tank type - Tank Destroyer


Want to know more? Feel free to ask

Have an Issue? Bring it up to me, I don't bite

Have a better idea than me? Bring it up to me (Always happy to have ideas/improvements voiced)


I hope you all find your time in the clan fun and eventful and hope to see you on the field of battle soon.


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