Clan meeting Wrap up 30/08/2015

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Clan meeting Wrap up 30/08/2015

Post by BL00DHOUND187 on Mon Aug 31, 2015 5:30 am

So the clan meeting had a good turn out and i thank everyone who turned up for it !!! This helps the clan leadership get information to you guys and i hope some of of it gives you all a sense of direction as to where the clan will be going over the course of the next month. In case you were unable to attend the meeting i have put what was discussed below.

Important questions

Q: More reliable skirmishes at a set time so people know where and when they will be taking place.
A: At this time we are working on an area of the forums which will have all skirmish dates on them. The FC at the time will be a random person in FC role.

Q: Training? Is this going to be happening ?
A: Yes !! In the next week or 2 we we will be looking to setup some training vs 2 I-N-Q teams OR a QSF team of the same skill level !!!

Q: More Help for new memeber to the clan ?
A: There will be a forum section for this going up soon. We will also find a suitable role for this but as it stands its more of a communitive
  responsability to help new members around passing on the knowledge that you have been told.

Q: More active leadership !!!
A: We will always try to have active leadership online where and when possible but with most Leadership members having day to day jobs it can be quite
  difficult for people to be online at every occasion. We will be recruiting more Executive officers as the clan progresses.

Q: Tier 8 Skirmishes ?
A: These will be more of an off and on thing while we dont have the overall members to really put one together everytime. We will always try to put Tier 8 together before tier 6
  and tier 6 will be used more as a fallback if we are unable to put one together.

Q: List of people for skirmishes ?
A: We already have a list of those who have done skirmishes before and so far when putting this list of things to talk to everyone about it stood at 26/27 which is fairly good.
  we look for this clan to be an active skirmish clan so most people who join should be skirmish ready anyway though if you want to know check the world of tanks clan page and
  check the members section out, Change the filter to skirmishes and we can see people have done them !!!.

Q: Inactivity ?
A: This is quite a hot topic and we want to keep the community as active as possible. If you are going to be away or just not online due to a break period then let any Executive
  Officer know or alternitively post on the forums in a dedicated section we are going to put up. Anyway back to the question. If you are inactive for 1 Month !!! Yes we can see
  this we will then place you as a reservist No matter the rank in the clan !!! you will then have a further 2 weeks to become active again before we unfortunately have to kick
  you from the clan. YOU WILL RECIEVE NO WARNING OF THIS !!!

Q: Manditory headsets
A: we like the idea of everyone having headsets !!! but we dont feel having a headset should be manditory at this moment in time. A lot of people dont want a headset but are more
  than happy to sit and listen to everyone else talk which we are happy with. It is down to the user though if they use a headset to speak to others. There is never any hurt in asking
  when platooned up with someone if they have a headset. While on this topic though we would like you guys to start using teamspeak more often.

Q: Clan requirements and low WN8 members in the clan ?
A: The clan requirements are fairly steep but by all means fair, the only people who fall below this are people who have joined from a previous clan we were in and there level
  of play shows us that they are capable of improving massively and also helping in skirmishes where and when possible. We only use stats as a guideline and sometimes you can find
  hidden gems in the most unlikely places.

Q: How do we reach high positions within the clan ?
A: We want to offer you guys the chance to progress further than private and if you are up for the challenge of doing things for the clan such as recruitment or testing new players
  then apply for the positions we have available. This range all the way up to Field commander but as the ranks get higher the requirements get stricter. Dont let this discourage you
  though. The aim is to have fun and not be a second job as of sorts.

Upcoming things this month.

- Skirmishes with bonuses

- Potentially strongholds if we are able to field teams more regularly

- Training and feedback session on 10th or 11th September 2 weeks from today !!!

- More Players !!!

- Replay reward event ( Find out more on forums when it pops up )

- Voting event ( Next meeting 27th September, More info on forums a bit closer to that time )

- Preparation for potential clan wars NEXT MONTH !!!

What we want from all of you

- More forums usage

- More teamspeak usage

- More skirmish attendance

- More people putting there name forward for potential promotions.


See you all at the next one  Very Happy

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Re: Clan meeting Wrap up 30/08/2015

Post by SupervisorKRK on Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:18 pm

Many thanks for summary. I am glad seeing some of my doubts and silly questions solved.
Training is great idea- i know this from our last skirmish( def. time to focus on single target)
See yaa in battle!


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