Suspension of tier8 skirmishes

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Suspension of tier8 skirmishes

Post by Minesco2 on Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:40 pm

As one of the FC's who is continually running skirmishes for you to join and on behalf of the clan, I am taking the decision to suspend tier 8 skirmishes. This is because to many people who regularly turn up to play tier 8 skirmishes do not have competitive tier 8's. A prime example of this is people turning up to skirmishes and using Tiger 2's and JP2's along with other tanks because they don't have one from the list of competitive tanks. This HAS to stop. I say this because it is losing games. It is also a very negative attitude towards skirmishes because we gave you the break week to grind towards the competitive tier 8's and it feels like no one has. For now, tier 8 skirmishes will be suspended until every one who plays skirmishes has at least an IS-3 and hopefully another tank from the list I'm posting bellow.
I will only make exceptions if you are very good in one of the competitive tanks already and want to be a prioritized player in that tank. An example is Kalk in the AMX 50 100 because he has proven to me on many occasions that he is very good in it. To be one of these exceptions you need to prove to me that you are very good in the tank you want to specialize in.
I have come forward and said this because we have reached a point where playing tier 6 skirmishes is becoming pointless. We have a very good win rate in at tier 6 but, the small rewards in tier 6 skirmishes is holding us back. Unfortunately we can not be competitive at tier 8, let alone tier 10, if we don't have the correct tanks and attitude. Prove to me that you want to play tier 8 skirmishes by getting the correct tanks.

Competitive tanks
IS-3, AMX 50 100, T32
AMX 13 90, RU 251, T-54 LTWT
This is a short for a reason. These 6 tanks do what they do very well and make other tanks unnecessary.

Sorry for the negative mood in the post but, this really is an urgent problem now.

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