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Team Battles

Post by Minesco2 on Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:07 pm

I just want to say that I am impressed by the enthusiasm that people have about team battles but, I think people are going a bit mad since it was announced that there is nothing stopping you from forming teams. I say this because there are at least 2 permanent teams being formed, maybe even three. The 2 teams I know of only have 6 members in them. So, I propose that one team joins the other, the commander from the team that will no longer exist can easily be made into an officer and then suddenly you have 1 team with 12 members in, enough to field an actual team.
Also, if you want to advertise your team, do it in a post on the forums (this is what they're for), and don't spam invites to teams and spam messages in the clan chat on game. I know, that as an FC, I do send loads of invites to skirmishes but, they're clan events that are organised for you to join. Not people fancying having a go at team battles. I'm not condemning those who do send invites and mentioning it in clan chat but, please only do it once. These team battles are only if people want to do them and after the break week, skirmish activity will pick up again and will be more consistent than before.
Remember, that we are still looking for more FC's and are now looking for shot callers. These team battles are a chance for you to prove yourself in battle and help I-N-Q rise through the ranks.

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